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First Time Homebuyers

9 Steps You Need to Know

Work with an Experienced Mortgage Broker

As a first-time buyer, surround yourself with Licensed professionals who can make the purchase of your largest asset a seamless and informative experience. Our network of Licensed Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Lawyers, Appraisers, Inspectors, Insurance Brokers and Lenders will assist you from A to Z.

Get Lender Preapproved & Interest Rate Protection

Shopping without a Lender preapproval and rate hold is bad news! Its like shopping blind. We will review your budget, purchase price range, obtain Lender approval and an interest rate hold for up to 120 days. Ensuring your pricing is protected and file ready to go for when you make an offer.

Know Your Dwelling Style

Are you searching for an urban condo? A spacious detached home with a yard and garage? Maybe an acreage where you will have room to grow? Having an idea in mind will help us plan for success

Be Aware of Purchase Expenses

In addition to the minimum 5% down payment, you will need to budget for closing costs, moving expenses and start up costs after moving in. We will review these in detail for you and build a homeowner budget so you have all your pricing top of mind.

Use an Experienced Realtor

Purchasing your first home is one of the largest transactions you (probably) will make in a lifetime. It is paramount that you have an experienced Realtor to guide you. We would be happy to connect you with industry leading professionals, but be sure you interview a few! Find someone you like and can trust to assist you with this transaction.

Make Your Offer Subject to Financing

It is very important to make sure your Offer to Purchase includes a condition of financing, with a minimum of 7 business days to arrange your mortgage. This allows us enough time to finalize conditions/paperwork with the Lender. This is also our/your “out” clause from the purchase contract. It protects you!

Home Inspection – It’s a must!

A Home inspection is worth every penny! On average, be prepared to spend $500+, but it is money well invested. Whether the report finds minor or major defects, it could potentially save you thousands on repairs in the long run!

Your Real Estate Lawyer

When your financing is complete, the Lender will send closing documents to your Real Estate Lawyer. You may not have a Lawyer yet, but we would be happy to connect with you the best! The Lawyer's team reviews, prepares and finalizes your legal documents to register and fund the mortgage loan. Expect to spend a min $1000 on these services.

Closing Day

This is the MOST exciting day! The end of the house hunt journey and the day you get the keys! Your Lawyer will handle the transfer of money from buyer to seller, allowing your Realtor to give you access to your beautiful new home! Congratulations!

Words of Wisdom

Never underestimate the time and effort that goes into making your first home purchase a successful transaction. Work with professionals who are informative, patient and care as much about this large life milestone as you do! Working with First Timer’s is one of my absolute favourite parts of my job. Helping make dreams come true!

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